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Jan 29, 2013

Thank you, Mr. Dawkins, and your colleagues as well, for publishing these works, though most credit for starting down the path to reason belongs to my friend Julie. Both of us went to different Catholic grade schools and to the same Catholic high school. For the most part, I had my doubts about the stories in the Bible, and never really got satisfying answers beyond “it’s a mystery” – as if that was supposed to settle the matter. As a kid we went to church weekly and for a time there were even early morning daily services before school that my mother would drag me off to (and I typically slept through). I had a brief period where I was taken by faith and felt a bit of that “high” during a pilgrimage, but it was short-lived and within a week of going home. As soon as I graduated high school I joined the military, got away from home, and started living life. I never went to church except for special family occasions but at the same time I hadn’t really shaken the faith. I’d argue for it occasionally, but slowly began to see reason. I even argued for Intelligent Design and Julie was present. Her counter was enough to get me thinking and so I started reading…a lot. Bart Ehrman’s books on the Bible were the start. “Guns, Germs and Steel” followed for a big-picture view of human expansion as well as “The Evolution of God” on human belief through history – and the list goes on. The more I read and learned the more my eyes were opened to the fantasy that is religion.

I do not miss it one bit.


Tim Rohal II

Columbus, Ohio

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