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Jan 29, 2013

Professor Dawkins

I was raised a catholic but began to question my faith at about the same time that I began to appreciate the complexity of life on earth. As a child, my parents gave me a book edited by David Attenborough, titled “Discovering Life on Earth”, which touched briefly on the subject of evolution and presented a chronology of life on earth. From that time forward, there seemed a great disconnect between my faith and my intellectual understanding. Yet, I remained captive to my faith until I decided to study Science at university, and the truth became obvious. After making a conscious decision to abandon my religion, I lived as a closet atheist, until I discovered your books! I now proudly embrace a life free from superstition, guilt and fear. I sleep easy at night knowing that I will live on through the DNA of my offspring, and my contributions to science as an ecologist. For this, I thank you.


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