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Jan 29, 2013

Yes, in essence, a fantastic trail on the complexities of life. The book draws me in fiercely, and its rational content is so easily understood. I would read the book over again and would invite any antagonist to do the same. The God Delusion, written beautifully by Dawkins, offers what is, to me, an unchallenged view on how life forms have evolved from simpler single celled organisms in to more complex creatures over a long period of time. I was never a religious man but I was awestruck at how Dawkins has helped me learn more about the great works of Darwin, although I would call myself a novice on this area of study, mainly biology, I enjoy learning from these books and they do seem to flow with a strong resolve for complexity of life. I can not wait to get on to my next read, which is another book by Dawkins, The Selfish Gene. The God Delusion, I think, is keeping me on the right track now as I keep flitting back to Darwins, Origin of Species, 6th Edition. However, as I am rooted in atheist glory, I will not be reading Ray Comforts introduction. So, it is through reading Dawkins’ God Delusion, I find myself on the right side of the fence.
Thanks Michael James McMahon

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