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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

I think it could be fair to say that my conversion to Atheism had been brewing for a while, but I won’t deny that ‘The God Delusion’ really gave the final push in the struggle. It was around the “God of the gaps” bit that it all kind of just fell into place, and I just put the book down and realised how utterly ludicrous the concept of religion is. I’m currently fifteen and ending my GCSEs and two years ago decided to take GCSE RE to try and have a less ignorant approach to Christianity, but really it just turned me away from it. Some of the acts that have been committed because of religions over the years are horrific, and I think that the only way the world can find stability is a pure belief in rationalism.

I have really enjoyed watching your television programmes in recent years (I found the very recent ‘Genius of Britain’ to be fantastic.) I was in half a mind to pursue a career in Science, because I am attaining high grades in them, however decided that I would be better off doing English. Since my conversion, I have written a book called ‘The Nihilist’, which I am getting published, which quite clearly expresses my opinions of the Catholic Church through my persona.

I just wanted to thank you for shedding the light on rationalism and empiricism;

Kind regards

Geoffrey Keeling

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