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Jan 29, 2013

Pre Scriptum: Sorry for my english.

Dear Professor,
unfortunately (probably not the right word) I live in Rome in Italy since I was born everything is focused on religion. At school, sitting at my desk I saw him hanging over the chair and now I see it hanging in the office. I notice that hangs just out of habit. I always sensed there was something bigger …. but not God .. the TRUTH!!
Here your documentary will not be passed except by internet and also I respect Maher for his “Religiolus” been to the movies for just 1 week and nothing special inside the DVD.
I’m glad that at least the books are sold Professor. It means that the influence of religion does not touch the culture.
Thanks for giving me the strength to be able to cry out in a country like Italy, “I am not religious”.
I would have hours to tell how I live and hundreds of questions … but the books have given me the strength to realize my thoughts. I hope one day to see a museum instead of that useless Piazza San Pietro. But what all I need is to see the Vatican to pay tax!!!
When I was a soldier I have been at war in Ex-Yugoslavia, and before leaving made ​​us do the confirmation … leaving the rest of the priest’s last words were “now are the soldiers of God”. ABSURD!!
I am writing only a last line saying that… I born near to the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme – Rome … if he has the chance to see such relics inside will understandwhat I was bombarded with religion.

Thank for all


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