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Jan 29, 2013

When I got myself a paperback of “The God Delusion” I did not have an idea what impact it would
have in my believe system, or let’s say my “indecisive” believe system.

I was always critical towards the existance of god and I stepped out of the roman catholic church as soon as they wanted to have money from me. But on the other hand
I felt that religion could not be critizised. Its position and meaning in society
was too big, the questions of where we come from and where we go after we die
simply too big, the rational explanations too vague. So there was something in me
that told me that the universe was simply too big and unexplainable and therefore I
had a residue of god believe.

That was until I read “The God Delusion”.

Reading this book felt like taking a veil of uncertainty. Suddenly all my doubts
and uncertainty was nailed down by arguments, reason and logic. Thats how Archimedes
must have felt when he shouted Eureka! in his bathtub.

I am really grateful that I have this clarity now for myself and I no longer
avoid the discussion of religion, my standpoint is quite clear and I speak it out.
And I found out that people I talked with have the biggest problem of coming to
that same conclusion that there is no god. These people have been raised in a much
more religious manner than I have been raised.

So the most impportant impact on my personal life is how I talk with my daughter
about god. Her mother is religious and my daughter gets the typical
roman catholic education in school. And I silently accepted all that.
But now when my daughter asks me “Do you believe in god?” I tell her that I dont.

It seems to be a little thing only but I think it has great effect. I think that if we
give our children the true chance to have their own opinion, all religious superstition will die
out with the effect that we take responsibility for our precious lives.


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