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Jan 29, 2013

Hi Prof Dawkins

I am a university student from New Zealand and I have recently dropped my christian beliefs in order to enjoy a life free thinking. At the age of 14 a group of school mates encouraged me to ‘receive christ’ and take on the evangelical christian faith. As a result I have spent the last 5 years stuggling to please and obey an imaginery god and i do not know where to begin in explaining what this has entailed but trust me when i tell you that i have delt with a lot of saddness and frustration. Luckily, due mainly to the critical thinking skills i have learnt at university along with the aid of a number of athiest written books (Two of my favourites being ‘the God Delusion’ and ‘The greatest show on earth’ which i greatly thank you for writing!) I recognised my faith as complete fiction and gained a rational understanding of all the so-called supernatural encounter that i had experienced. Also i was able to learn a more scientific explaination of why/how we are here etc. Looking back i cannot understand why i ever believed in such a rediculous book, which is the bible, and it now brings tears to my eyes to think about all the people i pushed my beliefs on. Anyway I just wanted to encourage you in all the work you and your organisation are doing and let you know that your books have had a very positive influence on my life.

Thanks again

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