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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins

I realise that you are a celebrity by anyone’s standards and that a letter from a random person might not be very important. Regardless, I’d very much like to take the time to tell you a little something about myself. For most of my school years I went to a Christian school. In this school they tought a very strong, charismatic kind of Christian philosophy. These are the very infamous ACE schools of which you no doubt have heard of.

Needless to say I was essentially brainwashed into believing a certain set of principles which were based on the beliefs of other people, particularly those who were in charge of administrating the schools systems. I had no sense of self-awareness in the sence that I could figure these things out for myself. I was literally force fed with Christian fairytales and unicorns.

You can’t even begin to imagine what an impact you have had on my life. I have become able to question things openly, argue against scientifically impossible claims made in the Bible and think for myself in an educational, investigative and scientific manner. In a sense, the things that I have seen of you on YouTube have set me free. I find it hard to explain it in a way that is not resembling ass-kissing, but the fact of the matter is that you have changed my outlook of life and bieliefs for the rest of my life – for the better.

I believe I am a better man now that I am able to see things your way. My biggest dream now is to know half as much as you, even though it’d be too much for my brain. Thank you dear professor for not giving in to the preconceptions set by a Christian society and speaking out the truth about the fallacy that is Christianity, or any religion for that matter. I believe you are making the world a better place, but I have a suspicion that you already know that.

Your most eager student,
Andrew Steyn (25)
South Africa

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