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Jan 29, 2013

I was born in a Catholic home, raised a fundamentalist Baptist, and spent my 20s as a worship leader in a Methodist church. I was a young-earth creationist, believed in the literal inerrancy of the Bible, and was convinced I was saved because Jesus died for me.

Then I ran across your lecture series, Growing Up In The Universe. There you explained Darwinian evolution in terms I could understand, to children. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. You layed it all out and it all made sense, and you had evidence to support what you were saying. I realized that never once in my education had anyone presented any of this to me. I’d been lied to, I’d been kept stupid intentionally. I felt betrayed, and deeply.

In the years since I’ve read voraciously and discovered that what you were saying in those lectures really was true, and that there really is no evidence whatsoever that any supreme being exists. It’s taken a long time to undo the religious programming, but it makes it easier when I remember that religion kept me ignorant and wasted my potential as a young person. I’m not unhappy with my life, but it stings to consider what it might have been if I’d received a proper education.

Thank you for making these materials available, and for working as hard as you have on educating people. You’ve made a real difference in at least one life.


David Dembinski

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