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Jan 29, 2013

Hello, Richard.

I really hope that my letter will reach you. I write with the help of Google translator because my English is not very good, excuse me.
I am from Russia. I want to thank you sincerely for your work in biology and promoting atheism. I read your book “The Selfish Gene”, then “The Extended Phenotype”, then, “God Delusion”, and now even your movies look” The Root of All Evil “. I’ve been following your creativity and work. I respect you. Your book gave me a girlfriend, and I book “God Delusion gave my other friend, I try to distribute your work on. I became an atheist before reading your books, such as Robert Anton Wilson, “The psychology of evolution,” “Quantum Psychology” radically affected me. But even before I was an agnostic rather than believers. And now, as you so accurately describe everything I see your fight for sanity, I am fighting with you. And I am surprised that most people on the planet continue to balk at this crazy tale about the afterlife and all that. How did it happen that in the information age, the age of the quantum jump to the next level of development, when science has made such tremendous results for the benefit of man, and it was 1.5-century since Darwin, has sounded the theory of evolution that there is still a large part of humanity so stubbornly continues to cling to God. Why? Frankly, it annoys me, unpleasant for me these people, even who doubt, to ignorance, just in case sometimes pray not to fall into hell, “and suddenly he is”, those who tell their children this stupidity, and schools taught religion, reading the Bible at night.

Thank you, you are great person. If you come to us in Russia, I definitely come hear you.
Tatiana, Russia. Tyumen.

P.S. By the way the problem of language in the world makes inaccessible reading your site. I had wanted to read your site is constantly in Russian, while English will normally taught in our schools.

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