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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

My belief in God, while not explicit, has certainly been in the background of my life for the past 15 years. I was raised as a Reformed Jew, and attended Hebrew School as well as regular services. Luckily, because Reformed Judaism is, well, reformed, I was not cemented into my belief, and thus was able to escape it. By age 15, I had determined that the God of the Old/New Testaments certainly didn’t exist, and had relegated my belief to what I would later learn was called a “Deistic” God. As I became more comfortable in High School, I made friends with different people who had different beliefs. That, combined with some non-fiction books on science that I began to read (The Fabric of the Cosmos, The Golden Ratio etc.) began my serious doubt. I first learned about you from one of my new friends, who cited you as a source on one of his papers. I was intrigued, and bought your book, The Selfish Gene. The book gave me a way out of religion, and taught me to use reason, and logic, above all else. It also completed my framework of a Universe without a God, in a way that was academically satisfying in a way nothing else was. Since then I have read The God Delusion, seen countless of your lectures and debates on Youtube, and am in the middle of The Extended Phenotype. Thank you for giving me the tools to think for myself, and for inspiring me with your cold, calculating logic and your ever-present wit.



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