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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins

This is more of a coming out story than a conversion story.

Until around 2 years ago, I had never really heard of the term “Atheist” or “Agnostic” and I had always considered myself a catholic (as I was brought up in a catholic area and in catholic schools) even though I had always doubted that god actually existed. All of this started to change when I heard of a man called Christopher Hitchens. I had started to watch videos of him debating on YouTube (and funnily enough I had also seen a few of yours even though I wasn’t sure who you were, haha) and I was introduced to a world which I knew I belonged. All of the god nonsense never made sense to me. All of the stories that were taught to me in my primary school of how the Earth was brought into being by and almighty creator and the story of Adam and Eve and – to quote Bill Maher – “The Talking Snake” all seemed like nonsense to me (which, of course, it is). But a name kept popping up on YouTube, Richard Dawkins. I started to watch more and more videos of you and they inspired me. I remember watching all of your ‘Growing Up In The Universe’ lectures in one night, haha. And last Christmas (ironically), my cousin received a book from his Mum (my Aunt) called ‘The God Delusion’ by… wait a moment, does that say Richard Dawkins? It does! (I’d like to say here that I have an Aunt and 2 cousins who are atheists, so I always had someone to ask questions to and talk about my beliefs with, an opportunity that I assume other people may not have.) In the beginning of January, during a trip to Glasgow, I bought the aforementioned book and from then on in, I’ve been immersed into the mammoth mind of science, knowledge and reason that is: Richard Dawkins.

Thank you for enlightening me, you’ve became an inspiration to me.

Yours truly,

Reece, 15, Scotland.

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