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Jan 29, 2013

I was born and raised as a devout catholic. I was forced to go a catholic school and still am. I was brainwashed into beleiving never questioning always being told just to believe. When I was 14 I began to question, is their God? I began to study the catholic chuches beliefs and history in more detail there was so much war, destruction, sepression and I found it wrong and declared myself skeptic

When I was 16 I came across a documentary on T.V caled The root of evil? It really opened my eyes, I began to openly think there is no God, I honestly loved that idea, why beleive in the supernatural? Why beleive theres fairies at the bottom of the garden when the garden is beautiful already. At the same time my catholic school was trying to justify blind faith and all the cruel things the catholic church had done throughout history, I began to openly declare my Atheism, it felt good to finally being able to admit it, like a great weight had been lifted of my chest. Today I brought the book ‘The greatest Show on Earth’ brilliant book and a very clever title.

I will remain an advocate of progress and a beleiver of reason until I die most likely unless of course someone proves their is a God in which case I’ll look into it and see if said God is worth worshiping, if he will send to hell for not worshiping him then he isn’t worth it. I personly see religon as an uneeded part of society, their is no need for it in this day in age.

I geuss what I’m trying to say is thank you for reaffirming what I was thinking is right and for opening my eyes further then I thought they could be. You my friend are a hero

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