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Jan 29, 2013

m just going to give you a short story of my life and my experience with reading books and watching videos by Richard Dawkins.

I was born into a christian family and my parents sent to church every sunday morning but never attended themselves. My brother and I were sent to a baptist church and they told us all about hellfire and how simple things from certain tv shows to rock and roll were evil. One sunday morning my brother refused to go to church. He asked my dad why he made us go, he said “it’s important for you to go” and with a swift thoughtful remark my older brother said “if it’s so important then why don’t you go?”. So my parent’s stopped making us go. I never attended church much on my own after that, but I was still Christian until the age of 16 when I found buddhism.

I tried so hard to be a buddhist but my dad would always speak against it saying “the buddhists kidnap children and brain wash them” which I knew was a load of garbage but it still brought me down and eventually I gave up buddhism and went back to christianity. About 8 years later I began to seriously doubt my faith. So I read the bible and after words began to doubt it more. One night I found a video with Richard Dawkins having an interview. I watched more videos and eventually started reading “The God Delusion”. Half way through the book I had completely lost my faith. As I continued reading I was compelled by the argument, but the last chapter put me in a state of awe and inspiration. Now I can see how beautiful the world really is, how the universe prevails to be so magnificent.

The splendid variety and elegance of life here on our pulchritudinous planet and the possibility of life on others. The mystery of death no longer plagues my mind with the boiling and festering fear of eternal damnation. I realize our death is as much apart of life as our birth. Everyday now I’m living a joyful life in knowing no matter what happens in this life, it will pass, day by day, never to return. With a free mind, a truly free mind, there is nothing to fear and everything to look forward to. Thank you so much Richard Dawkins. You are the spark and the fuel for my inspiration in life.


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