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Jan 29, 2013

I was born and raised in a First Pentecostal church in New Orleans. I knew very early on that something (well, a lot of things, actually) was just not right about all that they taught. I mean, how could this god create the universe and all its magnificent glory and still care about how long my skirt is or whether or not I cut my hair or wear pants? How absurd it seemed! Blackened hearts preaching love and acceptance while everyone but those in that small church were surely going to hell! It was a scary thing to believe as a child. Constantly questioning your every behavior and thought, analyzing it against what you were brainwashed to believe would send you to a fiery eternity! Shame on anyone who continues to teach their children this nonsense. But I digress…

So I left religion behind in my early twenties but I had nothing to replace it with, and that was depressing for me. I turned to some of the “New Age religions”, I guess you would call them, and one after the other, Kabala, Wicca, Astrology, Buddhism, continued to leave me with more questions than answers. Each new idea or concept left me with yet another, “well yeah, but…” Faith wasn’t something I was able to accept any longer. I needed to know the truth about where I came from, what I was, why I am here, what my reality really is!

And then I read “The Blind Watchmaker”, and then “The Selfish Gene”, and then “The Extended Phenotype” and now I’m halfway through “The Greatest Show on Earth”, and I feel so enlightened! Much more so than I ever felt learning about my multi colored shakras or getting to know my personal spirit guide! For the first time, everything makes so much sense to me. I see the world as if a gray film has been lifted from it and everything is in full, sparkling Technicolor! Of course that’s how it happened! Of course! And how amazing and incredible and beautiful! And I get to be a part of this amazing world, and I get to experience passing the genes that were given to me on to my offspring and continue the line that has been evolving, unbroken, for billions of years! Wow!

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