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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Dr. Dawnkins,

I have 16 years, and i live in Brazil. I have a catholic family and until like 2 years ago i was catholic like my family. Then, when i started to study biology, i started to think about the life, and i realized nothing happens because of magic.

If god really exists, why the humanity suffer? Why we see wars in Middle East, in the name of god? Where is the creator to help the innocents?

My mother broke her leg last year. After an operation, she is well now. My aunt said: “Oh, god is good! He healed her leg!”. Well, so why we need to go to the hospital? If god healed my mother’s leg, so why go to the hospital in another city, if the church is near my house?

The religous have a very strange argument. If, for example, a person dies, the person died because god wanted. If a person is dying and suddently recovers, that happened because god wanted. Very good argument, because anything that happens, its because of the will of god. The children of Africa suffer because of hunger. God want that? If god exists (which i doubt), and he makes people suffer, this isn’t the kind of god i will obey.

I was already an atheist when i read your book: “The Greatest show on Earth” (borrowed from my biology teacher). The book gave me arguments to support my position. And arguments based on science, not in fantasy. I want to read “The God Delusion” now.

Recently, i watched the interview “” (with subtitles in portuguese). Your arguments are great!

Some people say: “If the science don’t explain a thing, this shows that the science isn’t reliable”. These people forgot a important thing: Science is not something stationary. The science is in constant development!

The “battle” against the cloud of lies of the religion isn’t an easy battle. The religion spreads fear, because anyone who disagrees “is going to the hell” (i should laugh or cry?).

So, thank you, Dr. Dawnkins. You are doing a great service to the world.


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