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Jan 29, 2013

Perception is one of the greatest keys to enjoying the insanity andbeauty of being alive.  I was a self inflicted Pentecostal that wasderailed after several readings of Robert Pirsig’s ‘Zen and the Art ofMotorcycle Maintenance’ and your ‘The Blind Watchmaker’, ‘The GreatestShow on Earth’, ‘The God Delusion ‘ and Hitchens’ God Is Not Great tofinally open my mind to see homosapiens as homosapiens instead ofpawns in a very destructive and oppressive world. Thank you forshowing me where my gut was trying to take me.

Life is much moreterrifying and enjoyable, all in the same breath. Being free issometimes a scary place to be if your mind is not able to handlereality. I think I’m surviving the transition. And I’m not afraid toadmit that I’m an atheist, but living in Dallas, Texas is not an idealworld to just ‘come out’. Honestly, what use is it to argue with fireand hell, good and evil, God and Satan fearing people. They may say’Oh really, an atheist, that’s odd….so anyway, about the DallasCowboys’. No one cares what I believe, because I’m just wrong, noconversation. This is not meant to be a boo-hoo, whoa-is-me type ofletter, all I’m saying is most Americans don’t give a shit aboutanything, they are delusional,  until you give them form to sign orask them to say something on TV.

We would rather sit isolated in ourhomes and act like life isn’t real–that TV box is ‘real dangerus’.The illusion in the westerner’s mind is so strong, that reality is notunderstood. It was that way for me and you and your group of peoplehelped me see straight, I deeply appreciate your passion and mychildren don’t know it yet, but they appreciate you too.
By the way, my brother-in-law (his name is Jehad, born in 1987 and asfar as I know, one of the oldest cases of his condition) was born withwhat most doctors call Trisomy (extra digits, toes, little ability totake care of himself). I also have a very healthy and normal 4 monthold girl who cries quite often, as babies tend to do. Jehad, who hasnever been taught religion, has extreme empathy for the crying baby.Now either he has learned this or it is innate.

I tend to believe itis innate because he can barely clean himself, but when the baby isupset, he will take the time to stop what he is doing, walk into thebaby’s room, proceed to bring himself to tears and then go get hissister (the baby’s mother) to help the baby. To me, it only makessense that the people that innately took care of other people wereallowed to pass down their genes until it became a part of who we are.Empathy can’t be taught, and to me, empathy is why people have morals.

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