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Jan 29, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,

I want to thank you for your bold, uncompromising, logical and intelligent stand. I “became atheistic” one month ago, which coincides with my discovery of ‘The God Delusion’ and your foundation. Like the chicken and the egg scenario, I’m not sure which came first; my atheism or my exposure to you.

I had been quite “spiritual” in the past; having embraced or studied various traditions. I always found the commonality between various beliefs to be fascinating and attributed them to god. After a while I started to look at these systems more rationally and understood that humans, not god, were the common thread. Quite simple, yet extremely profound for me.

After accepting that god is a failed hypothesis and what I had considered to be proof of its existance had been in fact faulty reasoning at best and downright lies at others, I am now determined to learn as much as I can so that I may confront theists and expose the delusion as well.

Thank you again for your excellent work. You are an inspiration.


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