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Jan 29, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,

Congratulations. You converted me.

I was a devout catholic before i had read your book, and I identified myself as a catholic. My mother brought me up as one, and my father, although less devout also considered himself one. As a child i remember believing so strongly in god, that at times, i considered becoming a priest when i got older. Looking back now, i realise that ‘god’ was my only friend, and so i used him as an imaginary friend. As i got older though, although a believer, I also got smarter. I remembered as a kid, I always had two great fears. They were never that I would go to hell though. They were that everyone who was not born catholic might be going to hell, and I thought that unfair. My other fear, was that i was one of those people. This was the first time i probably questioned what i was taught. As i became even older than that I began to think that it was strange that an omnipotent being would make such a melancholy world. I also became very scientific. (Among other things, this book has solidified my want to become a scientist permanently.) I found your book, the god delusion in the science section of a book store, and i bought it. I could not let my mother see me read the book, but i very thoroughly enjoyed it. It converted me, and turned a confused suspicion into solid disbelief. Thank you.

I am currently 17, and I am scared to let my mother know this about me. If she knew i seriously did not believe, I am not sure what she would do, and I believe my grandmother may disown me entirely. I teach Sunday school every week and go to mass, and I feel out of place, and almost dishonest. At this point, I am almost certain I want to move out of the house when i graduate high school, just so I can feel honest and open about this fact. None the less, I would rather feel that i am closer to reality, than believe a lie and be so little more comfortable for it. Thank you again.

-Charles N.S. Canada

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