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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins

I was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and have witnessed first-hand (though thankfully never been a victim of) the appalling violence that religious bigotry and hatred have brought to this province.

Although raised a Catholic, I have never practised. Indeed I stopped going to Mass at 16, having discovered the greater pleasures of lying in bed on a Sunday morning.

Religion has played very little part in my life, and until recently I would have said that I was an agnostic. Reading “The God Delusion”, however, made me realise for the first time the hollowness and inanity of the arguments for god, and also made me realise that it is possible to be a happy, moral, intellectually satisfied, convinced militant atheist.

Thank you for your work in dispelling these awful myths. I’ll do my best to keep up the good work in whatever way I can.

Kind regards,


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