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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

I used to be a christian, I was brought up in the salvation army then when i turned 19 i stopped going for a while because i felt it was restricting me to live a life like my friends. I still believed in God back then, but now when i was reccomended by my boyfriend to read your book called the God Delusion it made me think and come to a realisation about myself and my family.
I will admit there were a few chapters i felt were confusing but i throughly enjoyed the last 4 chapters of this book.

I now don’t think about relgion in the same way that i did before. I did believe that i felt i did need an “imaginary friend” but thats all in my head. Also Its all a popularity contest in the church if you are not in the right crowd then they gossip about you and be fake to your face how very christian of them!

One other thing, I agree on what you said about labelling a child, christain child, jewish child ect which is nonsense and is mentally abusing them. Recently my nephew who was about 4 months at the time was “dedicated” (baptised) and i am his “godmother” i couldn’t find the heart to say no to my sister cause we discussed it when we were younger about our weddings and families ect all girly stuff. I still don’t know what to say to them about this?
I don’t want to be rude or cause an argument or fight but what they are doing taking him to church services and carol services is starting to annoy me. He doesn’t know whats going on..
I did mention your chapter “christian name” to my parents but i wasn’t getting through to them.

Thank you Richard and to my boyfriend for reccomending me this book.

Lynn Wilson

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