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Jan 29, 2013

I am an American southerner who has always lived here. I was born Catholic and raised Protestant. I was made to go to Sunday school and read the Bible all the time, but I never could get into it. I always questioned things and if the question was too hard for anyone to answer, that “it’s God’s way and that is what He has written” so basically they were telling me “to shut up and just go with it.” NO! That is not satisfying enough.

I came across Richard Dawkins back in the 80’s and found out he was against the teaching of Creationism. I thought I was alone all this time. There was a scientist out there that I finally had stumbled upon, even though I am no scientist myself, but this man had the same ideas as me, albeit I wasn’t on his level of education, but I still understood waht he was talking about! I didn’t even know what evolution was back then, but my brain was set on some sort of thinking along the same level as his. I knew there was something more which didn’t include supernatural silliness, but something more Earthly. Perhaps my brain was too evolved to accept the religious brainwashing? I don’t know. But either way, I discovered my hero back then.

To Richard Dawkins, who finally made me realize that I was not alone in this world in my way of thinking. I’ve finally come “out of the atheist closet” and know this is the right way of life.


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