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Jan 29, 2013

Just wanted to thank Richard for his wonderful books and to tell you my story of coming out.

I was born in Ogden Utah yes mormon land. My parent’s really never forced me to go to church so to speak it was a habit of them to go to church since they didn’t know any better. I was skeptical from an early age I thought the rituals were pretty down right stupid. When I was eight I was baptized in the mormon church but I really didn’t know really what it was about does anybody at that age? Probably not. After I was baptized probably a couple of Sunday’s after that I decided on I didn’t want to go to church anymore so I ran out the door and hid until my dad,mom and two sisters had given up on trying to find me. When they came back from church I was sure I was in deep trouble but to my surprise my dad said well son if you don’t want to go to church just stay home and keep out of trouble. As the years went by I did try church a few times but I found it uninteresting and very boring. I didn’t believe in any god’s but never thought much about it until I was close to 30. By then I had been in the Navy which was my escape from Utah and religious dogma.

I eventually picked up a copy of Cosmos by Carl Sagan and that started my skeptical thinking and also reading more science books. The next book was On the Origin of Species and then The selfish Gene I have since read all of Richard Dawkins books and six Charles Darwin books and many other science and critical thinking books. On 9/11/2001 that was probably the turning point of my coming out public about my atheism. It slowly made me realize how fragile we really are in this world and what religion can and will do to our minds and lives. Since then I have been active with atheist groups and been to atheist book clubs and conventions and saw Richard speak a couple of times. So thank you Richard for your work and your writing and helping us come out and be proud atheists!

Carl H
Minneapolis MN.

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