Converts, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1801)

Jan 29, 2013

Is converted the right word? At the age of 29 I traveled to Ireland to join the seminary, not determined to become a priest, but determined to find answers. I figured if there was a god, any type of a god, surely priests would know. Well they don’t, I can honestly say I did not meet a fellow seminary student, or a priest, who truly believed anything we were supposed to believe. Even when I confessed my non-belief I was told it was okay, it was normal, I could still be a good priest even if I did not believe what I preached. Hearing that, it was time to leave. If they don’t believe, why should anyone?

There is no god, no magic, no psychic powers, no ghosts, there is nothing non-human out there. It is just us, semi-intelligent hairless apes. If there is life out there, anywhere else, and they see us, I warn them not to come here. The majority of man is still barely a step from the trees we came down out of, we are a dangerous breed. We are not ready. And if we are alone in the vast universe, it is what we deserve. Until this planet is 100% Atheist, it will be a terrible place. It is the Atheists who will save the world, because we know this is all we have.

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