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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Richard,

Like the awesome Douglas Adams I came to my questioning of god and religion through reading The Selfish Gene and then The Blind Watchmaker. I can’t say I became an atheist at that time but it start me out on that path.

I was raised by a single mother who was agnostic and had a tremendous hatred of organized religion. Growing up religion didn’t play a very big part in my life although I went to Sunday school at a Baptist church with a friend until I was twelve. I didn’t stop going to church because I was a non-believer, I was just bored. Sunday school is boring.

Recently I’ve been thinking about religion again and it’s place in my life and I find it to be useless at really answering my questions about the universe, evolution, just everything really. I’m much more excited about science. Science has been giving me the answers that religion can’t. I feel much more connected to the world around me now that I’m really and truly a non-believer.

Thank you,
April, USA

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