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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Richard!
Douglas Adam’s is not the only convert to atheism!

I am 20 and from Northern Ireland, living not far from Belfast. My parents are creationists and have attended baptist churches most of their lives, as a result I was indoctrinated from a young age. But, I was skeptical from a young age too and luckily I was naturally resistant to the dangerous memes of religion. I grew up with an extremely graphic fear of hell which was very damaging. Now though, I am a very staunch Atheist and I greatly appreciate the cosmos and everything (well, most things) within it. Not only that, I am intending to study zoology for my degree and will probably go further. I am following in your foot steps! I have to date read The God Delusion, The selfish Gene, The Meme Machine and I am currently reading The Greatest Story on Earth. I am not a direct convert to atheism as a result of your books but they certainly helped to reinforce my opinions. I first read The God Delusion when I was 17 and it laid to rest many of the questions I had at that time and The Selfish Gene gave me a greater understanding of the origins of life and natural selection which was very inspirational. Your work, creations and activism inspires me!

All the best, Timothy Alexander

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