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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dr.Dawkins,
I would like to sincerely thank you for your role, which has helped me becoming an atheist. From early age to around 12-13,(am now 14) I was a devout Christian. For some reason however I loved Science, and still do, and thought the Universe was ever more beautiful as God must have had made it, and this strengthened my beliefs.

However I have always had a critical mind, and sooner or later, even though I was so strong a Christian, I still had a question or two by the age of 12-13, I started not saying prayers every night, why, I don’t know, I guess I was too lazy, which for some reason started framing my mind of doubt, and I wanted to do some more research. I don’t quite recall much of it, but however sooner or later it was let go and I didn’t really think about it but it was in the back of my mind.

As I have and always loved Science, nature, and always had questions this led me to one or two videos about Nature, which I thoroughly enjoyed but again however, it just inspired me in thinking that it was even more ‘evidence’ of God, such a wondrous place. However last term, in my science class we were studying biology (I’m in yr 10 in Australia, not sure what that equates to over in England) and of course the passion for Biology struck me once again, I’ve always enjoyed it, starting with medicine at an early age of 9, and then now nature (with physics in between) and of course once the term was finished we had covered Evolution (thankfully), and a bit of Genetics. I absolutely loved and enthralled in it that I wanted to start to look at some more videos, and sooner or later, eventually they led me to some of your great videos, on evolution, however a lot on God, and this started also to take my interest in whether or not there exists a God. It started formulating in my mind questions. I sooner or later bought myself a copy of your book ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ whilst visiting my local museum, and sooner or later, I visited my museum again after reading on fossils and human evolution and took out all the skulls and placed them in chronological order, and marveled at them for quite some time. I was changed. I got home and was deeply ‘touched’ by nature and evolution and by its beauties without necessarily a god. I was much looser in the belief of God, and was really having my doubts. I finished not so long ago (and absolutely loved the book, thank you so much for writing it), by around mid-way of the book I was starting to become an atheist, word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page. I am now reading ‘The God Delusion’ at the moment, and absolutely loving it.

I really want to say thank you for not only my conversion to Atheism which you have helped, but also to help me realise that nature is the place that I marvel at, looking at its beauties, its organisms, and bringing out the passion for insects and beetles and for my love of collecting them. Thank you so much, you have influenced my life, you are one of the person of which I look up to, a modest hero (which also includes for me David Attenborough, and Charles Darwin), Thank you, as you have also helped decide of what I may become when I become older, a biologist, naturalist, or zoologist, and for my deep love of nature, and its beauty, without the need at all of God/s.

My sincere thanks, and grateful appreciation,
Sebastien J. D

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