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Jan 29, 2013

I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1969. My family escaped the Russian invasion in 1979 and moved to England. Simply living in London or any other part of the civilized world is not enough to develop a rational mind as is evident by the number of believers who inhabit the U.S. I am from a large family of muslims who are spread around Europe and America. My family is open minded enough not to kill me for being an atheist but they’re extremely uncomfortable with the fact. Now that I have freed my self from the shackles of primitive and outdated thinking, I am baffled by the amount of contradictory information that comfortably exist within the minds of the people who were once my role models. Some of these people are western educated and in extremely important political positions within the present government. Based on the conversations that I’ve had with them, they’re not very different from the Taliban that they’re at war with.

I returned to Afghanistan after 30 years in 2009 and could not recognize the home that I had left behind. My people had regressed. There was no sign that during my lifetime this land was one of the most liberal and progressive countries in this region. Brilliant artists, musicians, poets and philosophers of my childhood were no where to be found. They were either dead or living in exile. I am fascinated that the U.S. and British governments together with Pakistan created the Taliban as a strategic force. I mean how could they not see that funding and arming a bunch of illiterate apes was a mistake? Afghanistan has been destroyed beyond recognition by apes clinging to myths who were funded and supported by apes in Washington. Leading A Nation is too important a job to be assigned to irrational minds. I hope one day being an atheist will become mandatory for leading politicians.

I drive through the streets of Kabul listening to the god delusion audiobook on my car stereo.

Thank you Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. You’ve touched lives that you may not have anticipated and will be remembered as mankind’s great liberators.

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