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Jan 29, 2013

I was once a Christian. I could write many things about how it has affected my life both negatively and positively. I knew all my life that something was wrong regarding the religious philosophy that I was accustomed to but I was literally terrified to challenge it. I was terrified to challenge it not because of any physical harm or the like, but rather because no one around me would listen to my proposals regarding the matter. I felt like there just simply “must be something wrong with me.” Surely this was just a silly phase that I was going through and I’ll get back to my senses soon enough. But then I ran across you on youtube once. It was a little short 50 second film where you told a joke or something similar. So after watching that I typed your name in the search box and began watching more videos that had you in them. I was so interested in the such profound things that you were saying because it was the exact way that I felt. So I began watching your seminars, where you went to the universities, and I no longer felt afraid or terrified of religion. I felt that it should be questioned, just like all other things. I no longer feel alienated within my community and have found a few friends that I enjoy speaking to regarding religion. I’m sorry if this is too personal or anything, but I just felt like I was obligated to tell you this. Because you have freed me from so much terror, pain, and alienation that religion once brought down upon me and have made me to feel good about myself and my beliefs. I would like to say thx once again 😀

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