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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins

I am writing to say you have become an inspiration so my life. I am 15 and have realised that I am atheist. About 2 years ago i red your book under the impression that i should always hear both sides to an argument and that reading you book will prove just how good a Christian I am. I was heavily mistaken. After reading your book I question everything that up to now I took as dogma. Within a month I concluded that I was much like the person you address early on in your book who doesn’t know “how to not believe in God” and that I still feared Hell. But I have recently come to my senses and no longer fear hell as it does not exsist.

You were also my inspiration and coursed my love for science after you book “The Selfish Gene” was recommended to me by my biology teacher when I was 10. For all this I thank you , you have influenced my life i thought was only in the power of a parent , in a sense helped pave the much happier path i choice to walk through in my life.

I shall always be grateful , and through gratitude to you I have been challenging the intellects of my school to the debate of “The God Hypothesis” with degrees of success, i was unable to convert my fellow student but many now disassociate them self’s with any religion , may I also point out this is a catholic school of which I was originally Greek Orthodox.

Once again thank you.

From George Kyriacou

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