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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

I wanted to say thank you. My conversion to atheism is a very long story, so I will keep it simple. I was raised as a Fundamentalist Christian in a small town in the US. Some may say the organization I was a part of is more of a cult than a legitimate church. Being a female raised in this church, I was restricted in almost every aspect of my life. But that was all I knew, and I never thought there could be any other way. It was against my religion to wear makeup or jewelry, or to cut my hair a certain length. Even more radical was the belief that women were not allowed to pursue a higher education outside of high school. We were told that we would never amount to anything, and that we were at the mercies of our husbands. Having a career was also strictly forbidden. This church even has its own “college,” where men and women take separate classes; men of course were encouraged to take leadership classes, math, and history. Women, on the other hand, were encouraged to take sewing and cooking.

Richard, if it weren’t for you, I would likely be just a waste of human life to put it bluntly. I am now 20 years old– still young enough to undo the damage of religious indoctrination. I first stumbled upon some of your videos on YouTube when I was 15, and my life has never been the same. You helped me find the courage to stand up to the church and my family. I now attend a real university and am utilizing all of the wondrous talents nature has given me– talents that were never meant to be wasted on religious nonsense.

Much Love,

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