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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I’d just like you for not only espousing views based on reason and evidence but also for making people own up to themselves about their views and to become prouder of it. I was brought up in a religious family by parents who do not believe in evolution, I attended a religious school and went to church when I was a child. I became disillusioned with Christianity as a young teenager when I was able to read the bible and found it not only unbelievable but deeply unpleasant. When I was a little older I fought to stop going to church a battle which I eventually won despite my parents and ministers best efforts to turn me onto the more liberal form of Christianity. However, for years after I felt wrong for having no religion, faith or belief in a higher power. Even though almost everybody around me was Christian many were all quite tolerant of other faiths and these other faiths were explained to me at school. What everyone seemed to tell me was that many people believe different things and that’s ok but it’s important to believe in a higher power. So when I became disillusioned with Christianity I explored other faiths but I dismissed all of them as not being this one magical universal truth, some of them were downright hideous. However, I felt that I must be wrong as this was against what all of my trusted adults were telling me. I became ashamed of my beliefs and when asked what I believed,I just muttered about believing in some greater power but not being religious. Thanks to reading Professor Dawkins books as well as books by the ‘Four Horsemen of New Atheism’, I have finally come to admit to myself that I do not believe in God or any sort of higher being any more than I believe in Russell’s teapot. I have also come to be proud of my rational beliefs and have come out as an atheist to friends and family, which has caused some discomfort but I am confident enough in my beliefs now to defend them.

Thank you sincerely

Lexie Brown

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