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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

This is my atheist testimony, I do hope you read it.

Your book the God Delusions states in its preface: “If this book works as I intend, religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down”. Well your goal was not quite reached, it took over 4 years in total, however I only read the first 4 chapters before my outrage overcame me, so maybe that is why. However I have to admit that it was your book that initially set me thinking critically about my faith. It made me realize that my faith was not infallible and led me to ask questions I might not have asked. You always complain that people with faith simply won’t listen to the evidence. Reading your book caused me to listen to the evidence.

My conversion began when I moved to Manchester to study Theoretical Physics at the University Of Manchester. This was key in my realization that God is imaginary, constantly providing satisfying answers when my religious delusions couldn’t. Attending a decent, bible teaching, certainly church did NOT help. The more I learnt about christian theology, the less comfortable I was with the answers. Every question I had was answered, sure, but I always left discontent, leaving science and reason ready to provide, not only a more logically satisfying explanation, but a more thrilling, comforting and magical one. I trust you know the definition of magical I mean. I learnt it from you.

Your debates with John Lennox perplexed me also, as did reading his book. As much as I agreed with him, I constantly found your stance more appealing.

The works of Tim Minchin and SMBC comics (and others) humourously pointed out logical flaws in my faith and Derren Brown (again, and others) enhanced my belief that the world is rational and everything has a rational explanation. These combined works, as well as James Randi and others made me remember that I firmly believe that all other magic (supernatural) phenomena are complete bullshit (homeopathy, pyschics, etc). This is not a stance that the bible takes by the way. On at least one occasion, a character in the bible (Old Testament Saul, if your interested) visits a medium for advice, who then communicates with a dead guy for him. This was a majot turning point for me, when I realized that the bible took seriously things which I completely dismiss as fraudulent.

These days, I am a changed man. I am now working through every audiobook I can find of your works. I hope you read this so you can explain to me the absence of Climbing Mount Improbable as I am anxious to listen to it. Thank you for being so instrumental in my conversion.


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