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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Prof Dawkins!
First of all I wish to express my special appreciation for your work. It has definitely changed my life and the way I think about people and nature.

I read your book „The God Delusion“ along with Christopher Hitchens book „God is not geat“ when I was a member of the LDS church. My initial intention was to come to an understanding of the atheist‘s mindset, in order to develop strategies for difficult debates. At that time my church callings comprised teaching gospel classes and assisting full time-missionaries on tough assignments.

However your book really opened my eyes and challenged me to look up the evidence. I also read your book „The Greatest Show on Earth“ – which I highly recommend – and several of Prof. Hawking‘s books. Subsequently I developed a particular interest in natural science.

One day I decided to leave aside the usual church curriculum and presented a „science vs. religion“ class to my usual audience of other young adults instead. That class included evolution, relativity and quantum theory. Needless to say it got me into huge trouble with my local church leaders. After that experience I decided to do some research on church history. I virtually dismantled the gospel and had to admit that the foundation of my faith was actually huge fraud fabricated by a conman.

After a very short time I resigned my church-membership. As most of my friends at this time where steadfast LDS and the church virtually controls most most their social lifes the aftermath of my decision was quite tough for me. However going trough this process has really payed off and broadened my horizon.

Thank to you very much indeed for opening my eyes for the beauty of nature. Learning about evolution and genetics really helped me to understand how we are all related to each other and how silly racial bigotry indeed is.

I‘ll do my part in helping to shape a society based on logic and reason.

Imagine …

Looking forward to reading new books from you. Keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely, Georg Pollerus

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