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Jan 29, 2013

Here is my story:
Ever since I was a child, I was indoctrinated into Christianity. I went to Christian school, went to church twice a week, (I still have to go once a week) and always was reminded that god was watching me. My parents would give me rules based on the bible. I accepted it until sometime in ninth grade, which is also when I took an interest in science. I had heard of people not being Christians (this was a shock, since my whole life had revolved around the religion), and I decided to investigate. I researched nearly every religion in the world. I still called myself a Christian, but my beliefs had been questionable since 6th grade. Then sometime towards the end, I heard of atheism, and believing in nothing. I picked up The God Delusion at the library and read. It attacked the very beliefs I had been raised up on, making me think. After I finished, I organized my research of religion and the science for or against it. The odds were astoundingly clear. Every shred of evidence that still stood for religion was based entirely on gaps. The only thing actually proven was science, and by extension, atheism. It was then I realized. There isn’t a god. And I’m happier that way.

Thanks for reading my story, and a special thanks to Richard Dawkins for writing The God Delusion.

– Charles

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