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Jan 29, 2013

We are all programmed to believe that human beings and everything else has been created by a supreme entity which apart from looking after our destiny, also rewards or punishes us. However, I never got an answer to my query about who created this supreme entity. Most persons thought that I was hurting their faith by even asking something like this. My own confusion however just melted away when I read “The Greatest show on earth” and “The GOD delusion” by Richard Dawkins -the famous biologist and an admirer of Charles Darwin.

Though I have been a student of Biology and Genetics, it never occurred to me that Darwin’s theory of evolution together with knowledge gained from the field of molecular genetics can easily explain how humans and myriad other forms of life evolved and prospered. Genes are passed from one generation to the next in 64 coded triplets in digital form. These genes (chemically called DNA) have the power to replicate in a cellular environment. Magically, they also ensure that the fittest ones survive so that the subsequent generation improves. This transformation is however so slow that someone observing them in his lifetime does not notice this forward march. This is how we humans evolved from less sophisticated creatures –in fact from that first DNA template which got created some 3 billion years ago- the biological evidence is so overwhelming that I was convinced that this idea of GOD being our creator is just a myth.

Richard Dawkins books enabled me to look at both utility as well as futility of life objectively. I thus find it absurd to associate my misfortune or happiness to a pre written destiny or a divine command. Even more absurd are the theories propounded by religion about there being an after-life or the existence of a soul that takes birth again in another body. It amazes me how otherwise rational and intelligent people accept such ridiculous propositions in the name of faith. I consider this new found realisation as the enlightenment that I was looking for & feel great at having come out of my delusion. Any idea or a book that presupposes the presence of an ALMIGHTY is surely unscientific and a HOAX against which we must guard ourselves.

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