Converts, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(37)

Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

Douglas Adam’s is not the only convert to atheism!
I’m sure you would have gotten the message by now, by the tons of letters you receive. Still I thought it would be better of me to congratulate you for your book. Frankly speaking, I had a lot of difficulty in obtaining ‘ The God Delusion’ in the first place, and even more in reading it. Bookshops here in India, don’t sell much of popular science; and as my vocabulary is quite pathetic, so i had to sit with the book along with a dictionary. But I just could not resist completing it due to its vast and interesting contents.

I first saw ‘ The God Delusion’ in a bookshop of a airport, and I fell in instant love with it.I had no previous knowledge of the book, and did a lot of background reading on it before i finally got hold of it. The questions it answered apart from the existence of god, such as topics on morality and people like Hitler and Stalin quenched my thirst completely. Due to my father being a atheist, I was an agnostic ( type3 in case you want to know) since my early childhood. And you cannot possibly imagine my happiness when I first read its contents. All those questions which made me different from my father. Right now I am happy and proud about being an atheist, infact some of my friends think its cool being an atheist; wouldnt you agree so? I treat ‘ The God Delusion’ almost like my friends treat their Bible.

Oh ya, and for the record, I am 15 years old, and I attempt at my younger friends to give up god, but it would almost seem as if they were brainwashed. Me being not much of a good speaker,asked them to read your books after they get a bit older.

thanking you,

[ ps– and yes, my name is based on a hindu deity. Hope you continue you good work.]

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