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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

I’m 52, and I have been a faithful Jehovah’s Witness all my life.
However, being a curious man, I have read my Bible many, many times (in French and English), with the intent of studying it, and knowing it in depth. I went door to door, with the confidence and the clout of an even more delusional Kirk Cameron (!). On the way, I studied more, and kept on reflecting on what I read…

Thru this life-long process, I started to have many issues intrinsic to the so-called word of God, uninfluenced by science at that point — just from the Bible. My problems were of the nature of God, and especially of his character. I have caught him in lies, deceit, and your opening description of him in chapter 2 of your elegant book pretty much tells the rest. I must say I laughed wholeheartedly at your refreshingly sarcastic, yet on-point portrayal. In time, I became agnostic and quite angry.

Loyal to the JWs, all I ever knew from Evolution, was what I learned form the Watchtower society, as looking anywhere else would have been a step towards apostasy. (I know!…)
But I finally realized that it was like reading about the dangers of Coca-Cola thru a booklet written by Pepsi. So for evolution, it was time I heard it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, Darwin.
I picked up Victor Stenger’s book “God: The Failed Hypothesis” and I was in awe. (The case of evil fit my own imperfect conclusions on the matter.) It’s then I thought about your book “the God Delusion”. Since then, I have increasingly searched your videos on the net, your books… having found absolute sane logic in your exposition, flavored with the modesty so sinfully lacking in creationists in general.

I wanted to thank you with all my heart. Your book has truly given me a new taste and respect for life. I enjoy it more. I feel it more.
As an artist even, I appreciate the delicacy of natural selection…. and the beauty of it’s logic. It’s a true blessing to be an atheist!

I would have so much to share about my rare experience.
Thank you. Thank you very, very much!


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