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Jan 29, 2013

I grew up in a Christian home, and we used to go to Church every Sunday until I reached my teens. By that time, I decided I wanted to spend those two and a half hours (they tend to be longer here) doing something else than listening to another sermon I couldn’t understand at the time anyway! The following years, my Christianity slowly but surely faded away. And a few weeks ago, I read your book “The God Delusion”, which made me really think about my own personal beliefs. So I thought, “Should I continue considering myself a Christian, even though I see no good reason to believe its true?” And then it struck me; I was an atheist.

I’m now considering myself to be an atheist, even though most of my family members including siblings remain Christian.
Still, though, I have a feeling that being a Christian is just something I was born to be, even though I’m pretty sure it’s the result of my upbringing.
A few weeks after my conversion, or rather, my “deconversion”, I started challenging my Christian friends about their beliefs, but it didn’t go too well.
Christian people, as I’ve experienced, tend to argue in a circle, saying that God exists simply because the Bible says so!

Jesus Christ may have been a great moral teacher, but not divine, and much less God himself in human form.
Is this really something that we are supposed to believe in 2011? After reading your book “The God Delusion”, I can confidently say: No!
My journey to atheism began several years ago, and I’ve just recently arrived at my destination point, and that is much thanks to you, Richard!
Savior or no savior; I’m confident that I can live my life not only as good, but even better now as I’ve broken free from the chains of religion.

That’s my story, in a very short format. I am continuing to read your books, and I experience an increase in knowledge from every time I turn to the next page. Thank you! You’ve made my decision to become an atheist much better, and I hope you will publish many more books in the future. Not only for me, but especially for other closet-atheists out there that so desperately need to know that it’s OK to be an atheist! We should be proud of it!


From Norway

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