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Jan 29, 2013

Almost ten years ago I was taught by an English Professor. His name was Mr. Frey. He was working on his PhD through the University of Cambridge. Anyway, he was my Biology professor and taught me about Random Selection and random events that ultimately make us humans. He mentioned your name several times along with one of your famous books, The Selfish Gene. At that time, I couldn’t find a single copy so I ordered On line through Amazons. I couldn’t stop reading. Although I must admit it was a little too clinical language for my vocabulary, i was fascinated for your words of wisdom and research. It was the first time I consider the unthinkable. I had cried to God and implored him many many times for things that I have done. I have always felt empty before and and after I must said. I do remember in my teens years attending to church, how boredom i would become by listening the pastor reading over and over again scriptures and meaningless rituals that did not make sense. I also grew up surrounded by superstitions telling me what to and not to do on my actions. I was slave of a false imaginary being or being that never existed but only in my head.

Today, I am free thanks to you and Mr. Hitchens. Although I must say his approach is more antagonistic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for setting me up free. I know that the true miracle of a chance is a sperm out of millions copulated to my mother’s womb. The sperm that years later became this optimistic man writing you now. Thank you professor. If I was rich, I would pay thousand of dollars just to have lunch or dinner with you. Thanks.


Your Big fan

Angel Rosas

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