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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

I had the pleasure of reading your book “God is Delusional.” I was non-religious prior to reading it (meaning never cared to attend service or learn about it) but after the book I must say I am an atheist and maybe apart of me always has been one.

Your book was full of valuable evidence, quotes, and timely passages. The absurdity of the teachings of the Bible can never be left silent.

The most important conclusions I came to after reading your book is schools should not teach any type of religion at all to students in any form whatsoever and the impact of instilling religious garbage to their children. The damaging affect can never be understated.

I also feel sorry for you having to argue/debate creationists and non-evolution believers. Watching those debates on the internet, tire me out.

I am just starting “The Great Show On Earth – The Case for Evolution.” Can’t wait to get into it!

Thank you again for a great contribution to this world and all free-thinkers alive!!


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