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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins

I was born and raised as a conservative Christian, I was a creationist, anti-abortionist and evangelical, I was baptized voluntarily when I was 19, and was a considerable part of my church involved in the music, and often leading prayer and communion services. I also attended bible college seminars and was seriously considering a career in Christian ministry.

This was all until when I was 21 I was diagnosed with major depression, and social neurosis that my health professionals all came to the conclusion that it was the result of how I was raised, built into a guilt ridden psychology, and tremendous fear of the outside secular world. This guilt and fear had hold of me so much so, I was hospitalized after an attempt to take my own life.

Some months after these events a good friend, who was an atheist lent me a copy of your book “The God Delusion” and I cannot express in words the amount you have opened my eyes to the lies, and deception I was sold my entire life. You literally are the sole proponent of my liberation from Christianity.

Now I’m 22, and some 12 months later I’m a firm atheist, and involved with secularist political organizations in my state and known amongst my peers (some religious some not) now as a passionate and expressed atheist, free of the misogyny, deceit, and psychological control of the Christian church.

I want to thank you, deeply and implore you to continue your work, and continue to liberate so many of those who were just like me.

Thank you again, you literally saved my life.

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