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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins-

I was never raised in a religious house to begin with- My parents split up when I was in elementary school, whereupon my mother promptly yanked myself and my sister out of our Baptist church- which also doubled as my kindergarten school and where I met a lot of my friends as a kid- to move around to 5 or 6 other churches in about the span of a year and a half or so, as a way to ‘get away’ from places that probably reminded her of my dad, refusing to let us return to the original church until she couldn’t stand our begging.
The situation it created was an odd one- after all the different churches, and the now alien environment of the original one, my faith in a higher power was sorely neglected until I was a middle schooler, and a large amounts of stress in my personal life spurred me to pursue a more personal take on the christian religion. and therefore, I thought, a closer, more intimate relation with this ‘higher power,’ and a less stressed personal life. That lasted a few months before I simply got lazy, bored with the idea that pandering to a higher power would somehow make my life better.
It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I slowly came to the revelation that, maybe, there is no type of higher power or powers. Or, if there is, there are simply so many factors and variables in proving or disproving them, that it would be impossible to know, therefore shaping a more scientific take on religious concepts that has come to define my beliefs. After all, when it comes to science, nothing, save things like Newton’s laws, are set in stone. So, I have adhered to a system of strict agnosticism- we simply don’t know, and that’s it.
Upon coming across your website, there has been a shift in the core of my beliefs. I still don’t acknowledge the existence or lack thereof of any higher power, but I’m coming closer to saying that ‘it’ doesn’t exist, or simply not acknowledging ‘it’ as something outside of my own head or system of thought with any real power over the world or universe.
Your site and all the letters give me a lot of food for thought- and I greatly appreciate that! It challenges me to attain new levels of thought and to apply that to my view of the universe and what could- or couldn’t- shape it.

I, personally can’t wait to see how belief for me all turns out, but I think it’s going to be in atheism’s favor!

Thank you once again!

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