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Jan 30, 2013


Thank you for encouraging people to think for themselves. I have always listened intently to peoples opinions, in particular that of a very close friend of mine. He once told me (whilst we were both studying engineering at the University of Bradford) that he had learned from his farther to respect other religions and religious beliefs. As you can imagine we were both experiencing a vastly more diverse culture in Bradford than either of us had experienced in our lives before and his sentiment stuck with me. I suppose this dropped me into the category of I'm an atheist but other people need religion. I confess I took the opinions of my good friends farther on board with little analysis, but probably more down to fear of causing offence by doubting others belief. A little older, wiser and definitely more sceptical I watched The Route Of All Evil, straight away causing me to look at my own tolerance of other's beliefs. The key point for me as an engineer & thereby a fairly scientific person, was the realisation that people the world over form there belief on zero evidence. Again my analytical background caused me to break free from the baseless dogma that the education system tried to indoctrinate me with, but watching you series took me the ext step……

Why should I feel ashamed for stating my belief (based on evidence) to a religious person, who's belief based on at least two millennia of, well nothing really! Furthermore I began to feel disgust in the disgraceful events in human history that have been carried out “in God's name”.

I am an atheist & PROUD! I look forward to the next time I meet my good friend (and I'm an atheist but…) for some lively debate. If I can't convince him, I shall leave my copy of the God Delusion for him.

It's about time people realised (based on what we know) that we all need to concentrate on making the most of this life, rather than wasting time preparing for the imaginary next one! The recent Government encouragement of faith schools I find deeply disturbing – what divisions and conflict will the indoctrination of another generation cause? Would any of your books ever be considered as part of the curriculum at these establishments? Will the children attending these establishments be encouraged to question and challenge what is put in front them? As I stated above, I am a healthy sceptic and have learned to analyse what is around me, this is the message we need to instil in the future generations.

Thank you for the God Delusion, I feel empowered to tell it as it is to all and sundry be they religious or not.

My Kindest Regards,

Paul Hindmarch.


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