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Jan 30, 2013

Hi I’m almost embarrassed to be posting here but I thought there’s no harm in the truth. Growing up in an extremely religious home with a father and grandfather who were both pastors I was indoctrinated from birth. I believed in a young earth of 6000 years and that it was my duty to save people from hell, I’d go on mission’s trips to try and save poor lost souls. I went to classes to learn how to defend my faith from evils of other religions and evolution. I never felt fulfilled though, I’d go to rallies and people would be flopping around on the floor and speaking in 'tongues’ and I’d feel nothing although being extremely open and willing. Why did god go to them and not me I’d wonder? To make a very long story short I one day decided that if the bible were true and the word of god then it should have no problem standing up to research. I started researching evolution and finding facts and found that in no way could they support my view.

This realization was an amazing thing, as I began to shed my former views I realized I felt more and more excited and more fulfilled than ever. The beauty of the natural world became so much more apparent. The beauty of science and the hope and wonder I felt when I learned something new and learned where the research is going. It's truly amazing and not worrying any more about whether my loving god would be sending me to hell removed such a source of stress from my life. I don't know everything but I don't consider this a bad thing, I think it's almost a badge of honor as I am not arrogant to say I know the answers to every thing but I know that with time we will learn more and more and that fills me with hope and wonder.

Your book didn't play a direct role in my road to reason but I thought you should know that from time to time reason can prevail over a lifetime of indoctrination so don't give up when you're debating creationists or other religious people. Reason can prevail over fear and ignorance. Thank you for the work you are doing, it is very important to the survival of civilization and the future of science.

Yours Respectfully

Stephen Demetriades

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