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Jan 30, 2013

I'm Jami and I'm 17. I'm from Texas. I've lived here my entire life. As you well know, Texas (and the rest of the U.S.) is very, very religious. I grew up in church, most of which were penecostal being extremely radical about religion, and my father was very strict about everything that had to do with the church. He made my mother submissive and us kids as well. It was never easy to be around the people at church and I usually felt uncomfortable. My father went to prison because he thought as a man he had complete control over my mother even after their divorce. Once he left, I stopped going to church completely. After a few years, my friend asked me to go to a youth group with her and I thought their could be no harm in it whatsoever. Well, not to say there was harm, but the church I went to did absolutely nothing for the “sprituality” that I thought I needed. I stopped going after a year of trying to feel God and failing. One day, my brother brought a book to me and said it was really good and that I should probably read it. The title of the book was The God Delusion. I thought there was no possible way that any man could shake my faith, God was too real for that. Slowly as I read, I began to realize just how ridiculous religion is as a whole. Richard Dawkins has changed my life. Ever since I started reading it, and I'm almost finished with it, I've felt better about everything. Everything I do seems more real and makes me want to live my life fuller because I know that there isn't another one after this. I've watched so many things about Richard Dawkins and he inspires me. I'm so glad that book was given to me, it has helped me so much. Thank you Richard Dawkins for proving that you don't need religion to be a good person, to succeed, or to be alive. My story isn't huge, but I would just like Dawkins to know that he's making a difference and that I appreciate everything he does. He's definitely my hero.

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