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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins:

I was so called a "liberal Christian." I simply believed that it was a good idea to love your god and love your neighbor. I also believed that the evolution was a fact. I respected all other religions. I was a strong supporter of abortion rights, gay rights, women’s rights and stem cell research. I was growing up in Korea with Buddhist religious background but started attending church with my friends during my teenage. I never seriously thought about my faith objectively.

I have immigrated to America twenty years ago and the church life provided a community that I needed in a new society. However, I was challenged about extreme conservative Christian belief and policy and many beliefs that I supported were not acceptable to Christianity. I wanted to really examine my faith. I started reading series of books. I was reading God Delusion and each chapter gave me the answer of my questions. However, I did not really think I was 'abusing’ my child with going church because I only talked to my kid about how much God loves him. And then, one day, my boy was having a hard time with his baby brother’s birth and all and he confessed to me that he was a bad boy and he was afraid of going to 'Hell.’ Where did he learn that? After that, I read End of Faith by Sam Harris and other books. I broke my delusion.

Now I am living without God and still the same person, cheerful, happy and grateful. Thank you. And my husband keep shouting "Thank God for Richard Dawkins"



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