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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

I´m not too sure if I qualify for the converts´ corner, because I´ve never been a true believer. But I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your works. As a huge fan of Douglas Adams I came across your name in one of his interviews, in which he recommended 'The Blind Watchmaker' as an eye-opener. And it was, like all your other books.

I'm an Austrian, and although it´s a traditionally katholic country I happen to know a lot of Atheists, relatives and friends both. Here being an Atheist is not regarded a big deal, so rather than a dramatic 'coming out' it´s more like 'politely telling your friend between pouring a cup of tea and complaining about the weather'. Even Austria´s president is a declared Agnostic (well, I know… but you can´t ask for everything!), he let the public know during his election campaign, and that was it.

Being a non-believer is one thing, but you need more than just a gut feeling and a mumbled 'God? Um, no, I don´t think so.' to make your point in any reasonable debate, and this is why your books are so important. You provide us with sound logic and razor-sharp deduction – put in clear words and garnished with memorable comparisons. But above all you are positive, self-confident and encouraging… Thank you so very much!

Yours respectfully
Daniela Bartl


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