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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

I am from India. I don't want to tell my name because the my story of becoming an atheist involves discussing my family and here it is:

My father is quite religious and believes in God more than anything else in the world. Despite of that there was never an iota of peace at my home and my childhood was a very restless one. I always questioned myself that spirituality and religion should improve one's character and I couldn't see it happening in my father's case. I was forced to go to some places which my father wanted me to go. I was always told to pray god and gurus which fortunately I could avoid under the pretext of having to study. Finally the inevitable came and my parents got separated.

Fortunately it was my mother who never forced me to think about anything but gave a total freedom about what to read and what to follow. Thanks to her, I could always tell myself that I can live without doing the things mentioned above. I am a quite above ordinary student and fortunately got to be in a very renowned institute of post graduation.

I was still in the hazy realm of doubt even after I completed my post graduation. The final straw came with your “The God Delusion” book. It cast my fears away. I had always feared stupid things like dark, ghost or some enchanted object. I realized that the religion is the source of all the irrational fear. I finally had to make a decision and I made it. I have become a full atheist now.

Since I became an atheist, my life has changed. I became confident which despite of being an intelligent student I wasn't. I am no more afraid of God, enchanted objects, dark and ghosts. I am no more afraid of myself, the truth and the reason. I am confident that science will find out the answer of the unnecessarily worshipped “gaps” you mentioned in your book in the chapter of “worship of gaps”, though may not be in my lifetime.

Today is the day my home town Mumbai was rocked by Islamic terrorists with 101 dead and hundreds injured and my beloved places colored with blood. Today I have become more atheist than ever. This is what the religion and god has given us. The hatred, the violence, the faith, the power to chain free human spirit, the wars, the bloodshed. Today I am very proud of being an atheist. Today I feel like I am one of the moral men left in the world, free of guilt of violence and bloodshed, free of the guild of deceit.

I'll be an atheist every drop of my blood till I breathe.

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