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Jan 30, 2013

I was raised in a nominally Catholic ( Native Canadian) family. We never attended Sunday services, but baptisms, et cetera, were required functions. I always considered myself an atheist and after I reached adulthood I found out that my father considered himself one as well. After my father's 2003 diagnosis of cancer I found myself gravitating toward Native spirituality, because in the Native tradition no one is “told” what to believe and each individual's relationship to the creator as seen as equally valid because no one can truly know another person's circumstances. Until about a year after Dad's death I was convinced of the validity of God and everything that belief entailled. Then I found “The God Delusion” in a local book store. Within three months I had every one of Dawkin's books and had branched out into Christopher Hitchens, John W. Loftus, et cetera. I have since began studying evolution in the works of such authors as Charles Darwin, Carl Zimmer, David Sloan wilson, Nicholas Wade, and others.THANK YOU, Richard, for bringing some sanity back into my life. If I could have been a convinced atheist before Dad's sickness I'm sure I could have weathered the storm with much less agony.

Frank White

— Blasphemy is a victemless crime.

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